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Last Updated on 17:13 AZT-  12 May 2004

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Mexican Air Force Shoots UFO

Baku Today 12/05/2004 17:13

Mexican Air Force has released video footage of 11 unidentified flying objects (UFO). Mexican air patrol has filmed with an infrared equipment the UFOs while raiding over Campeche region of Mexico for drug traffickers.

The images of flying objects have appeared on Mexican TV screens recently although the filming was done on March 5. The film has lasted 15 minutes.
"Was I afraid? Yes. A little afraid because we were facing something that had never happened before," said radar operator Lt. German Marin in a taped interview made public Tuesday, according to Associated Press report.

Mexican journalist Jaime Maussan, who is a UFO enthusiast, told a news conference on Tuesday the objects seemed "intelligent" because at one point they changed direction and surrounded the plane that was chasing them.

"They were invisible to the eye but they were there, there is no doubt about it. They had mass, they had energy and they were moving about," he said.

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