Mexican Air Force films 16 UFOs in southern state

A local television network on Tuesday broadcast a videotape by the Mexican Air Force, showing the images of 16 unidentified flying objects (UFO) detected in the southern state of Campeche.

It was the "first sample" of UFOs that the Mexican military disclosed to the media for broadcasting, but the defense secretariat of the Air Force did not give any further explanation.

The UFOs were shot during a regular supervision flight by the Air Force in Campeche, over the Gulf of Mexico, to detect any possible entry of drug-trafficking ships, said the military.

The video also showed the surprise of the pilots from the 501 Squadron, who discovered the UFOs in their patrol mission while making a sudden turn at a high speed.

The media reported the UFO's were detected by both the pilots and land radar.

According to Televisa network, in March, the Air Force also videotaped several images showing luminous and circular objects, using infrared cameras at a military base.

Xinhua news

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